A Singing Boyd

Stephen Boyd loved to sing. He busked for a while in London to earn money when he was barely getting by, using an old guitar and singing Irish folks songs. He was a guest on the Dinah Shore show twice- once in 1960 for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, singing ‘I Know My Love” and “Molly Malone”, and another time in 1962 with fellow guest star Dean Martin.

In the movie The Big Gamble, Stephen sings a rendition of the Irish folk song “Eileen O’Grady” throughout the film. In the Hallmark movie “The Hands of Cormac Joyce” he sings a beautiful version of the Irish ballad “The Star of the County Down”. He also sang and wrote the lyrics for the theme song to the 1974 spaghetti western “Those Dirty Dogs”, called “Riding with the Wind in My Face”.  Stephen started in the Doris Day musical “Billy Roses’s Jumbo,” but unfortunately his voice was overdubbed by vocalist James Joyce on the famous song “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”. He does, however, get to talk/sing the introduction of “Sawdust, Spangles and Dreams.”


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