Stephen Boyd talks about Doris Day

I dug out a few comments from Stephen concerning his charming “Jumbo” co-star from 1962. From an interview in the Ottawa Citizen that year, Stephen startled the interviewer by saying that Doris Day was the most exciting and sexy actress he’s worked with up until that time.

“Doris has a beautiful figure and a wonderful mouth and eyes. She dresses beautifully and she’s full of life…I never enjoyed making a picture so much in my life as with Doris. ” (Joe Hyams interview, October 29, 1962)

“I’m amazed at her versatility,” he says,”I think Doris could do any kind of drama as well as if not better than an anyone else I’ve ever worked with. She gives so much! I get on well,too, with her husband, Marty Melcher, who visits the set occasionally.” (‘Liz Taylor’s First Mark Anthony’, Hedda Hopper Interviews Stephen Boyd, June 17, 1962)

“I love Doris Day, ” he said. “Doris is not considered a sex symbol, but what a woman!” He was still talking about her when I left 20 minutes later. (Louella Parsons interview, ‘A Boyd on a Gilded Stage’, March 1964)

“I will say, for example, that Doris Day is not the girl next door, as many may believe. In fact, she’s anything but. She’s a movie star down to her twinkly toes, with all the aura, the magnetism, and the sex appeal that go with it.” (Stephen Boyd Interview By Florabel Muir, Valley Morning Star, September 18, 1966

Apparently his admiration was reciprocated in kind, and for a while there was a romance rumor swirling about concerning Boyd and Day.  According the gossip columnist Earl Wilson, this is what happened on the set of “Jumbo”.

It started when Doris- seldom interested in love scenes- enjoyed rehearsing the kissing clinches with Steve, then insisted on more and MORE rehearsals…I checked the love scene rumor with Producer Jose Pasternak who said, “Yes, when the director said ‘Cut’ during a kiss, they didn’t cut!” (Dec 6, 1962, Earl Wilson Reports)

Even the below movie add in February of 1963 was trying to capitalize on the rumor!

Fullscreen capture 9162017 110318 AM.bmp

Even though Boyd had nothing for admiration for his co-star, concerning the romance rumors, Boyd has this to say –  “Flabbergasted”, said Stephen Boyd when besieged by reported in London over the linking of his name with Doris Day’s, “It’s so false and ridiculous I have no words.” (Anderson Daily Bulletin, December 5, 1962)

Nevertheless, the two remained friendly, which can be seen here from a photo taken about 4 years later in 1966.





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