Stephen Boyd and Hope Lange


Rumors ran wild during the filming of “The Best of Everything” in early 1959 as Hope was on the verge of a break-up with her husband Don Murray, and Stephen had just officially divorced Mariella di Sarzana. Tabloids would hint that Boyd was the cause of the break-up, which Boyd would vehemently deny.

A doll named Hope Lane is something else again. Before Steve left for Europe, they were dating and she sent money here for a pal to buy him ‘the biggest bottle of champagne in all of France’ on his recent birthday. “But how can it be a big thing?” Boyd asks when you ask him about it. “She’s married.” But separated, you know, from Don Murray, whose romantic interests are elsewhere these days. So if you dare to mention, which I did, Hollywood’s flair for mate-changing, Boyd will smile: “Hope Lange isn’t Hollywood”  (Ocala Star Banner, Aug 1, 1960)

From Screenland Magazine, 1960

ArticleScreenlandNov1960 (1).jpg

From Modern Screen in 1960 concerning Hope, “In spite of her denials, Hope had been infatuated with Stephen Boyd. He’s a tremendously vital man with an exciting animal magnetism most women find hard to resist. I doubt if she ever thought of divorcing Don then, but Stephen made her terribly aware of the excitement lacking in her marriage…”

From a VANITY FAIR Article in 2004 concerning the making of Best of Everything, Hope Lange talked about her relationship with Stephen Boyd

As for romance on the set, if the bungalow was busy, it wasn’t with any of the stars. Hope Lange and Stephen Boyd lunched daily together in the commissary, and because of these lunches several columnists began to imply that the two were in love. Lange, then married to actor Don Murray, “became so upset over these rumors,” wrote Photoplay, “that she nearly suffered a nervous breakdown.” But of Boyd, who died in 1977, Lange had only fond memories (and she still wondered what aftershave lotion he wore): “During the film we had a great camaraderie. He had that wonderful Irish charm, and wonderful humor. And anyone who has humor I’m a sucker for.” (

hopeFullscreen capture 10202015 112531 AM.bmp

Even two years later in 1961, when Lange had been linked to actor Glenn Ford, Stephen Boyd took her to the premiere of “The Children’s Hour ” and they danced the night away.

hopeFullscreen capture 10202015 112527 AM.bmp

hopeFullscreen capture 10202015 111859 AM.bmp

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hopeboe393056_1020_A (3)hopeboe393056_1020_A (2)modern screen 1960Fullscreen capture 4142016 103534 PM (1)hopebestever

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