Stephen Boyd and Hedda Hopper

During his time in Hollywood, Stephen Boyd would sometimes get himself into trouble due to his open honesty and frank opinions. One person, however, was always on his side and became his very powerful advocate and ally – Hedda Hopper. Hedda was a omnipresent Hollywood presence and a flamboyant personality. She wrote a famous Hollywood  gossip column, and competed with her rival columnist Louella Parsons. If Hedda wanted to ruin you, she had the power to do so. If she loved you, she could make you. Hedda adored Stephen, and she recognized his talent from way back when Stephen appeared in The Man Who Never Was in 1956. Hedda featured ‘sexy Steve’ in many of her columns, and Stephen would frequently escort Hedda around town to social events. In other words, it was a mutual love affair. Stephen appeared on her 1960 TV special called “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood” with the two original actors from the 1929 movie Ben-Hur – Ramon Navarro and Francis X. Bushman. Also, Hedda had a great cameo in The Oscar with Stephen, which was filmed in 1965 – shortly before her death in early 1966.


Hedda’s humorous account of Stephen’s marriage in 1958

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Hedda Hooper visits the set of Lisa (The Inspector) in 1961 and steals all of Stephen’s attention away from Dolores Hart.

Cine-TeleRevue Sept 1961 IMG_0005 (3) - Copy

Sample of one of Hedda’s many gossip columns featuring Stephen Boyd.

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The Oscar (1966) Directed by Russell Rouse Shown from left: Stephen Boyd, Hedda Hopper, Jean Hale

In 1963, Hedda visits the set of The Fall of the Roman Empire with Stephen and Sophia Loren.
IMG_0002 (2)-002.jpg
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Hedda gestures to a missing Charlton Heston as as Stephen Boyd, Francis X Bushman and Ramon Navarro look on during “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood” program which air in 1960.


3 thoughts on “Stephen Boyd and Hedda Hopper

    1. SPANISH

      Un romance con Hopper, no. ¡Un flirteo, sí! Hedda adoraba a Esteban, y Stephen le retribuía su adoración. Fueron muy, muy buenos amigos. ¡Qué amigo poderoso tener en tu esquina también! Hedda Hopper era la voz de Hollywood y defendía constantemente a Stephen.


  1. Creí que había un romance entre ellos, sobretodo por la graciosa fotografía donde el y Hopper se están dando un beso, vaya que es cómica la mueca de Dolores Hart, es obvio que estaba celosa pensando que ese beso debía ser para ella. Curiosa foto!!!


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