Ben-Hur Dell Movie Classic Comic Book from 1959

Since a reboot of Ben Hur is slated to come out in August, I thought I would post some pics from the Dell Movie Classic Comic book of the classic 1959 Ben Hur. I am not sure why the artist decided to make Messala a blonde instead of Judah, but it’s still great comic artwork- especially the chariot race scene!

benhurcomic1IMG_0016 (6)benhurcomic 01 IMG_0016 (7)benhurcomic2IMG_0016 (8)benhurcomic3IMG_0016 (9)benhurcomic3IMG_0016 (10)benhurcomic4IMG_0016 (11)benhurcomic5IMG_0016 (12)benhurcomic6IMG_0016 (13)benhurcomic7IMG_0016 (14)benhurcomic8IMG_0016 (15)benhurcomic9IMG_0016 (16)benhurcomic10IMG_0016 (17)benhurcomic11IMG_0016 (18)benhurcomic12IMG_0016 (19)benhurcomic13IMG_0016 (20)benhurcomic14IMG_0016 (21)benhurcomic15IMG_0016 (1)benhurcomic16IMG_0016 (2)benhurcomic17IMG_0016 (3)benhurcomicIMG_0016 (4)benhurcomicIMG_0016 (5)



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