Filming ‘The Bible’ in Cairo- 1964

Stephen Boyd had the opportunity to visit Egypt in 1964 to film a short scene in John Huston’s ‘The Bible’ as King Nimrod. Here is a fun anecdote about the filming of the movie. Stephen was thinking of Elizabeth Taylor on the Nile from his hotel suite…which is ironic since he wore about as much eyeliner in this movie as Taylor did as ‘Cleopatra’! Below are some early costume pics of Taylor in 1960, when Boyd was cast as Anthony; a photo of Boyd’s hotel from the 1960’s; and Boyd himself during the filming of ‘The Bible.’

Article, November 1964 by Louella Parsons

Fullscreen capture 5272016 61944 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 5272016 52548 PM.bmp

Hiltonbiblebtsbible+boydBible (2)


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