Remembering Stephen Boyd on June 2nd

June 2nd 2016 marks the 39th year since Stephen Boyd passed away from a coronary. He was 49 years old. He was enjoying a morning of golf with his wife Elizabeth at the Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge, California – about a 30 minute drive from his home in Tarzana. He was in the golf-cart and complained about not feeling well. He died shortly thereafter of a massive heart attack. Most likely his death was caused by his lifelong smoking habit, which can cause damage to the arteries. It was a life cut too short for this genuinely well –liked Hollywood star.

 Stephen Boyd was like no other actor, in my opinion. He starred in some movies, but also was a great ensemble player as well. But no matter what part you have seen Stephen in, you always remember him. He could cover a range of characters on screen–he could be handsome and brutal, feral and tender, romantic and sensual, serious and ironic. He could play a vibrant villain but also be a quiet hero. He was an actor who preferred to play character parts, but had the look of a leading man. Off camera he was charming, open, and considered basically a nice gentleman.

As all Stephen Boyd fans remember his passing today, I’ll end this blog with the heartfelt remembrance by actress Marisa Mell – “On 2 June, 1977, he died in Los Angeles of heart failure. But sometimes I have the feeling that he is speaking to me – from another world.


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3 thoughts on “Remembering Stephen Boyd on June 2nd

  1. Stephen Boyd was one of a kind! We just don’t have stars of his caliber anymore. He portrayed perfectly possibly one of the best villains in cinema history as Messala in Ben-Hur and so many other memorable characters. Thanks for keeping the memory of this great star alive!!


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