Stephen Boyd as Messala in Ben Hur

Later this week the 2016 remake of “Ben Hur” will be released. Hopefully this will generate more interest in the classic 1959 version of the movie, which starred Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd. The 1959 movie was the second cinematic version of Ben Hur, the first being the 1925 “Ben Hur” starring Ramon Navarro and Francis X Bushman. Below is an interview clip from Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood , a TV special from 1960. Stephen was invited along with Heston, Navarro and Bushman to unite the two Ben Hur’s and Messala’s. Heston declined to appear on Hopper’s show, but Boyd was more than happy to appear. The full version of this interview (not shown below, unfortunately)  also includes Ramon Navarro and Francis X Bushman discussing their harrowing chariot race, which was as equally impressive on film as the 1959 “Ben Hur” race was.

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