Stephen Boyd and Dolores Hart

Inspector UK

Stephen Boyd and Dolores Hart had a very special relationship. They starred in two films together–one was a TV special called To The Sound of Trumpets in 1960, and the other The Inspector (or Lisa) in 1962. They were two of the top 20th Century Fox rising stars- Boyd with his sex appeal and success in Ben Hur, and Hart with her Grace Kelly looks and her hit movie Where the Boys Are.  When they initially did To The Sound of Trumpets, the studio had them pose for a few magazines together, hinting at a romance.  This was not the case initially, but when they filmed The Inspector about a year and a half later, there was a romance afoot.  According to Dolores in her autobiography The Ear of the Heart, she had very deep feelings for Stephen. Hart was a Catholic who would soon chose to become a nun. She found Stephen to be very spiritual and they had many in depth conversations together, several of them about religion. Dolores was truly heartbroken and baffled when Stephen gently rebuffed her romantic inclinations, telling her she was ‘marked.’ According to Dolores, he never explained what he meant, but she understood his words in time to mean that she was destined for the Church and a future cloistered life. In 1962 Dolores would complain publicly that the studio had cooked up a “phony romance” between her and Boyd. In late 1962 she become briefly engaged to businessman Don Robinson. She even teased Hedda Hopper at the time about inviting Boyd to both the wedding and the reception so “he can’t get out of sending me a present.” Around the same time she was asked about Doris Day’s apparent crush on Boyd. Dolores would reply, “I know nothing about it, but I can see how a girl could flip for him.” But truly, Dolores’s heart belonged to the Church. Later in 1963 she would break off her engagement to Robinson and permanently join the Abbey of Regina Laudis, shocking Hollywood and her fans.  Later on in 1966, Stephen would visit her at the Abbey in Connecticut, but it was a brief and tense reunion. They would keep up a writing friendship for several years until Stephen’s interest in Scientology caused them to drift apart. Dolores appeared on TCM in 2014 to premiere the movie Lisa, which was her favorite role.  She told some interesting stories about the filming of the picture. She and Stephen would go over their characters motivations repeatedly. He also apparently had to carry her on the beach for several takes while the director tried to get the perfect lighting for the scene.  Dolores was also disappointed with the end of the film. Interestingly, Dolores said “I wanted to marry him” to Robert Osbourne when the film finished. It’s hard to say if she meant the characters in the film, or Stephen himself.  Dolores still lives at the Abbey of Regina Laudis to this day.

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