Stephen Boyd and Diana Dors in “An Alligator Named Daisy”, 1955

Only the British could make a movie like this! Part comedy, part musical, part romance, and all of it revolving around a pet alligator names ‘Daisy’ who wears a pink bow tied around her neck! This was one of Stephen’s first roles. It is a classic Rank production with many familiar faces, including Donald Sinden and James Robertson Justice who both starred with Dirk Bogarde in the classic Rank comedy Doctor in the House. Boyd shows up about 10 minutes before the movie is over. Chaos is about to ensue as all the prize alligators run for a local pond. Boyd hasn’t had the Hollywood fix-up yet, but he still looks very handsome and very Irish with his reddish hair. The best part about this silly movie is Stephen’s five minutes on screen with British glamour girl Diana Dors- especially when he valiantly rescues the leggy blonde out of the alligator pond!. Both Boyd and Dors would appear in another movie together 15 years later when they each had a cameo in Rachel Welch’s film Hannie Caulder in 1971.



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