Stephen Boyd and Tyrone Power in “Abandon Ship!”

Stephen Boyd was fortunate enough to get to work with one of Hollywood’s most renowned matinee idols Tyrone Power ( in 1957 when he filmed “Abandon Ship!”.

Tyrone Power was one of 20th Century Fox’s biggest stars. “Abandon Ship!” is a very exhilarating movie about a group of people who are stuck on a tiny little boat after a large ship wreck. Tyrone does a great job as the man in charge who is forced to make very serious and not so popular decisions concerning the lives of everyone on board. The was one of Stephen’s first roles after “The Man Who Never Was”. He looks dashing in his sailor suit!  Richard Sale, the man who would pen the novel for Stephen’s later movie “The Oscar”, was the director of this film.

Sadly, Tyrone Power would pass away about a year after making this movie. He, like Stephen, would also die young (44) from a heart attack. He is buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood, California.



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