Stephen Boyd in ‘Lady Dracula’, 1977

To celebrate Halloween, here is a tribute to a later Stephen Boyd movie where he actually gets to play a vampire! Lady Dracula was filmed in Germany sometime in 1976  during a period where Stephen filmed a few German-made movies in a row (Potato Fritz with Hardy Kruger, and the impossible to find Frauenstation). Stephen appears as Count Dracula in this movie during the opening credits for about 5 minutes worth of action as he abducts a young girl from the safety of her room (and school mates). She becomes a vampire herself, and the rest of the movie follows her awakening in modern times. She is played by the stunningly gorgeous Evenlyne Kraft, who has a serious penchant for anything yellow. Her yellow wardrobe is probably the highlight of the film! Anyway, obviously Boyd was just cashing in a check here, but it is fun to see him as one of the archetype villains – a vampire! Count Dracula himself!



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