Stephen Boyd filming ‘The Caper of the Golden Bulls’ 1966

Stephen Boyd had the pleasure of filming The Caper of the Golden Bulls in Pamplona, Spain in the summer of 1966. Parts of the movie were actually filmed during the famous “Running of the Bulls”in July of that year, as this event plays a key part in the movie itself. This movie is a little corny, and the plot is of course a little unbelievable (hey, it’s a caper movie, ok!). But nevertheless, Stephen and his co-stars do the best they can with the material to make this a fun, enjoyable, popcorn movie. Obviously this was probably not the best way to display Stephen’s talent as an actor, but it was a high-profile, glamorous role.  The producer of “The Oscar”  Joseph E. Levine was so happy with Stephen’s performance that Stephen that he immediately recruited him for this role. The movie was based on a popular 1960’s caper novel by William P. McGivern. It involves a retired WWII pilot, Peter Churchman, who is living like Spain with a hidden past. He is seeing Grace, played by Yvette Mimieux, but gets involved with a former female entanglement named Angela,  played by Giovanna Ralli, who basically blackmails him and his former compatriots into robbing the Bank of Pamplona to steal jewels. Churchman and his mates had previously been ‘good’ bank robbers in Germany, robbing enemy banks to make amends for a Cathedral they had bombed by mistake during the war. After much cajoling, Boyd gives into the blackmail and heads up the caper. The bank robbery itself revolves around the ‘Running with the Bulls’ and camouflaging efforts behind the Pamplona ‘gigantes’, and the successful robbing the bank with Boyd and his mates shirtless, with Boyd clearly being the only one who should be seen shirtless in this scene! Boyd seems to been truly enjoying the bachelor life at this point in his career during the making of this film. Gossip columnist Sheila Graham wrote about a mysterious Asian beauty Stephen was seen with during the beginning stages of Caper. He also seems to have been very fond of both of his beautiful co-stars Yvette Mimieux and especially Italian lovely Giovanna Ralli. There are also pictures of Stephen during this time with Spanish singer Mikaela, out on the town! Stephen himself described his action role in this light hearted action comedy as a Cary Grant-like part. Boyd looks super handsome, sleek and stylish in this film, making you wonder how great he would have been as James Bond.  Boyd also still seems to be channeling his “Oscar” character Frankie Fane a little bit as Caper hero Peter Churchman.. Considering 60’s caper movies as a whole, this one is a gem and truly deserves a dvd or blu ray release! The only version I have been able to find is from an EP vhs with terrible sound. A cleaned up version with good sound and spectacular color would be wonderful to see! The soundtrack by Vic Mizzy is also delightful.



Pittsburgh Press

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