“Patience of a saint, eyes like blue sin” – Hollywood mystery actress describes Stephen Boyd

In 1962, Hedda Hopper asked a mystery Hollywood glamour girl (I speculate it was Joan Collins, but that’s just a guess!) what she thought of several of Hollywood’s leading men. He is what our mystery girl said about Stephen Boyd:

Stephen Boyd. Very exciting performer. Patience of a saint, eyes like blue sin, in a huge head which gives him the appearance of being bigger than he is. He is sensual, but not sinable. You have the feeling that nothing selfish or mean crosses his mind. He will have a long and successful career.

In CINEMONDE Magazine in 1964, Stephen’s other famous female co-stars were asked to describe their leading man’s vivid blue eyes.

 Jugez ! Taille : 1 m 85 pour 77 kg ; boucles châtain doré et des yeux bleus comme ces lacs de l’Irlande dont il est issu. De ces yeux, Sophia Loren elle-même a dit : “Ils sont un irrésistible mélange de volonté magnétique, de séduction passionné, de poésie aventureuse.” Susan Hayward, avec qui il tourna Woman obsessed, affirmait crûment, elle : “Stephen possède une virilité du tonnerre.” …. Dans ce film, ils formèrent un couple splendide, et B.B. reconnaît aujourd’hui : “Boyd a ces yeux extraordinaires de volonté rêveuse, d’un bleu si pur et lumineux, qui furent ceux des frères Kennedy…”


Judge! Size: 1 m 85 for 77 kg; Golden chestnut curls and blue eyes like those lakes of Ireland from which it is derived. From these eyes, Sophia Loren herself said: “They are an irresistible mixture of magnetic will, passionate seduction, adventurous poetry.” Susan Hayward, with whom he turned Woman obsessed, said bluntly, she: “Stephen has a virility of thunder.” …. In this film (Night Heaven Fell), they formed a splendid couple, and B.B.  (Brigitte Bardot) recognizes today: “Boyd has these extraordinary eyes of dreamy will, of a blue so pure and luminous, which were those of the brothers Kennedy …”


Los Angeles Times, September 3, 1962


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