“America’s Idea of Irish Too Theatrical, Says Boyd” – Stephen Boyd Interview Mar 9, 1960

The Galveston Daily News, 09 March 1960

Irish actor Stephen Boyd, looking forward to his St. Patrick’s Day singing debut, says America’s impression of fellow Gaels is off base.

“The conception American’s have of Irishman is stage or professional,” the handsome Boyd claimed, “For instance, I’m supposed to start the day off by saying ‘top of the morning to you. And when a fellow is introduced as an Irishman, people say something that’s supposed to be Irish. He might not even know what they’re talking about

“Take an expression like ‘sure and begorrah,’ I don’t even know what that means. But lots of people here might expect me to say it.”

Boyd, who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by making his TV singing debut on Dinah Shore’s show next Sunday, claimed the annual festivities are a good excuse for Irishmen to get together.

“I’ve never seen an American celebration of St. Patrick’s Day,” he said, “But, to me, it’s another excuse to celebrate.

“And Irishman always welcome an excuse to celebrate with their countrymen,” he added.

As for his own St. Pat’s Day plans, Stephen won’t even wear a green tie.  Speaking about singing with Dinah, Boyd recalled the first time he ever sang in London for money – a total of $3.

“I was a busker,” he said, explaining that a busker is a fellow who goes up and down the street singing to people waiting in theatre lines.

“When I got finished singing, I passed the hat down the line of people and collected $3.”

That’s not all Stephen got. He was also run off the street by fellow buskers.

“What I didn’t know was that the buskers had a union and I wasn’t a member,” he laughed,” So, I got chased and that ended by career as a busker. But I needed the money. I hadn’t eaten in a long time.”

Boyd’s first class acting job in the mammoth production of Ben Hur means he’s getting a lot more than $3 for his singing stint with Dinah – and he’s also eating regularly.

“My salary is in the five figure bracket for singing three days,” quipped Steve, now among the highest paid buskers of all time.

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