Stephen Boyd Sings on the Dinah Shore Chevy Show, March 13, 1960

Having just viewed this show myself for the first time ever ( yes, my heart is still pounding!), I must also agree with Hedda Hopper. Stephen oozes charm in this show, and he has radiant chemistry with the always lovely Dinah Shore. He gets to flirtatiously hold a flustered Dinah in his arms, ride a 1960’s ‘Chev-iot’ (chariot) with Dinah, and most fun of all, he gets to sing and dance! Boyd’s voice is deep and melodious – he sings like a dream. He gets to sing a beautiful version of “The Leprechaun Song” and a duet of “Molly Malone” with Dinah. Dinah also sings a verse of  Stephen’s favorite Irish love song, “I Know My Love.” Then, to top it off, Stephen and Dinah get to step dance – Irish- Riverdance style. It’s a wonderful tribute to Stephen’s talent. Click below YouTube links to view Stephen’s segments, or the full show is on, which aired recently on  Thanks to one of my best blog followers for the tip which helped me track this awesome TV show down!

Leprechaun Song Lyrics

In a shady nook, one moonlit night, a leprechaun I spied
With a scarlet cap and coat of green, a cruisc'n by his side
'Twas "tic, tac tic" his hammer went, upon a tiny shoe
I laughed to think of a purse of gold, but the fairy was laughing too.

With tiptoe step and beating heart, softly I drew nigh
There was mischief in his merry face, a twinkle in his eye
He hammered and sang with his tiny voice, and drank his mountain dew
I laughed to think he was caught at last, but the fairy was laughing too.

As quick as thought I seized the elf, "Your fairy purse!" I cried
"The purse," he said, "is in the hand of the lady by your side"
I turned to look, the elf was gone, then what was I to do?
I laughed to think what a fool I'd been, but the fairy was laughing too

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