Brigitte Bardot hosts a St. Patrick’s Party for Stephen Boyd, March 1968

Happy St. Patrick’s week everyone! I am having a great time this week putting together obscure Stephen Boyd –  St. Patrick’s Day related stuff, so enjoy.

During the filming of Shalako in Almeria, Spain in March of 1968, Brigitte Bardot took the time to host a special St. Patrick’s Day party for her friend Stephen Boyd. This was a tumultuous time for Bardot. Her husband Gunther Sachs was pushing for a divorce as rumors were spreading like wildfire about Bardot and Boyd on the set of Shalako. Both Bardot and Boyd were denying that they were anything but good friends, but the overt displays of affection were causing quite a stir.  Bardot had tried to alleviate her husband’s fears by taking a short retreat to Switzerland with him during the early part of March 1968. When she returned to Spain, she promptly organized what columnist Dorothy Manners described as a ‘St Patrick’s Day’ birthday party for Stephen Boyd. Here’s the newspaper snippet from March 27, 1968. It describes Boyd as ‘one of BB’s favorite admirers on and off the set.’

Fullscreen capture 3132017 90521 PM.bmp

Anderson Daily Bulletin, March 27, 1968

Bardot and Boyd on the set of SHALAKO in 1968- more than ‘good friends?’

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