Happy One Year Anniversary from the Stephen Boyd Blog!!!

Dear Blog Readers and Visitors,

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of you who have visited and perused my Stephen Boyd WordPress Blog! A year ago on March 27, 2016,  I started this blog to get some material out there about the movies, life and personality of this talented, unique, sexy & ruggedly handsome actor who seems to have been somewhat forgotten by Hollywood. Obviously, Stephen has amazing fans worldwide! This blog has had almost 30,000 views and over 3000 visitors. I have had views from more than 75 countries worldwide from every continent except Antarctica. The United States, France, Poland, South Korea, Argentina, Spain, UK and Japan are the big hitters, but I’ve also had visits from places like Russia, India, China, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Uganda, Faroe Islands, New Caledonia, Jordan, Benin, Turkey, The Seychelles and Jersey. Now THAT is a worldwide audience! For an actor who’s popular height was in the 1960’s, this really show that Boyd’s popularity is still going strong.

I am always on the lookout for rare Stephen Boyd photos, mementos, articles and films, so please feel free to share! My hunt for some copy of “The Hands of Cormac Joyce” and television show “The Wall Between” are ongoing!

Thanks again for keeping Stephen’s film career and memory alive and please keep visiting and revisiting the Stephen Boyd WordPress Blog!

4 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary from the Stephen Boyd Blog!!!

  1. Thanks for this fantastic voyage through Stephen’s film career and life!! It’s a great blog you’ve created. I hope you find the rare movies and TV appearances you seek! 🙂


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