Brigitte Bardot’s famous first meeting with Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd spent most of 1958 talking about Brigitte Bardot to the press. The world was fascinated by the French sex-kitten, and the simple fact that Stephen had starred in a movie with her at the apex of Bardotmania did not hurt his career in the slightest. Bardot had hand-picked Boyd to be her co-star, so she truly did help kick start his career. Boyd would have a continued friendship with the French superstar through his life, even into the 1970’s, but the initial filming of “The Night Heaven Fell” was not easy. Boyd supposedly lost 20 pounds trying to keep up with whirlwind temper and pace of Miss Bardot. He also had to had a 5 day break from the filming of the picture because he was ‘a wreck.’  Their initial meeting was a headline itself.  Apparently Brigitte greeted Stephen in her Paris apartment completely naked with a big hug and kiss before Stephen could even say hello. Apparently it was a joke which Bardot had planned with some friends in order to impress Boyd. And it got his attention!

As Stephen would explain it :

“This is what really happened: When I arrived in Paris, Brigitte’s husband picked me up at the airport, and took me directly to their apartment to meet my new leading lady. When we got there, he asked me to be patient a moment while he told his wife I had arrived. A few minutes later, Brigitte, wearing nothing but what nature had endowed her with, stormed into the room, threw her arms around me and told me how delighted she would be to work with me. (MOVIELAND Interview, Stephen Boyd, May 1961).

“I was so flustered after is happened – and it happened even before we were introduced- that all I could say was:

“My name is Stephen Boyd”  (Austin Daily Herald, June 21 1958)

In another interview, Boyd would have this to say about Brigitte.

“I never enjoyed anything more in my life. This lady is so vibrant and that just working with her in a scene overwhelms you. She is childlike mentally but she is like a stalking panther physically.” (Salt Lake Tribute, June 24, 1958)

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