Stephen Boyd attends the Academy Awards, April 4, 1960

Stephen Boyd attended the 32nd Academy Awards on April 4, 1960 at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.

On his arm that evening as his date was a young woman named Romney Tree, who was a Belfast socialite whom Steve had met at a Christmas party given by Vincent Price. The two realized they had met before four years earlier in Belfast, according to Screenland Magazine (Nov 1960).

This was a HUGE night for Stephen as Ben-Hur was nominated for 12 Academy Awards that evening, and by the end of the night it had won 11 of those awards, including Charlton Heston for Best Actor. Sadly, Stephen was not even nominated for his performance as Messala, even though he had won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.  Apparently that fact was the elephant in the room that night. Hedda Hopper was puzzled, as were several other Hollywood press writers. This was Hedda’s comment:

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Apparently the studio had forbidden Boyd to pick up Griffith’s award in person should Griffith not attend the ceremony:  Hugh Griffith was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for Ben-Hur instead of Boyd. Griffith was on hand to receive this award, so that awkwardness was avoided.

Stephen took the evening in stride, however, and was the first to congratulate Charlton Heston on his award at the after parties.  Here was a few pics of Stephen that evening.


Can you find Stephen Boyd  in the crowd?

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One thought on “Stephen Boyd attends the Academy Awards, April 4, 1960

  1. Claro que es se distingue a Stephen de entre la multitud!!! Me encantó esta nota porque siempre me había preguntado si Boyd había acudido a los Oscars de 1960, y me parece maravilloso que no solo haya asistido acompañado de una chica bella sino que haciendo gala de su gentileza y caballerosidad reconociera el trabajo de Heston, ello habla muy bien del magnífico actor (capaz de aplaudir el talento de otro homólogo) y de la gran persona que era. 👍👍👍

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