Stephen Boyd talks about his famous co- star Brigitte Bardot, 1958

Best of Hollywood

Joe Hyams, Philadelphia Inquirer, February 13, 1958

One of the world’s most envied men is here starring in ‘The Bravados,’ a film for 20th Century Fox. His name is Stephen Boyd. He is a handsome Irishman, but what sets him apart from other men is his last film, ‘The Night Heaven Fell,’ in which he was Brigitte Bardot’s leading man.

Boyd worked with Miss Bardot for 22 weeks last summer. As one might imagine, it was an interesting experience from start of finish. As an authority on Miss Bardot and a man who has seen her in the flesh, Boyd is a popular after-dinner conversationalist everywhere he goes.

Recently, he recalled for us the circumstances of his first meeting with Miss Bardot. “I went to her house in Paris with Roger Vadim, her about-to-be-ex-husband, and director of our film. Brigitte was in bed, nude. When we came into the room she jumped out of bed and kissed Vadim. Then she kissed me and said, ‘I know I’m going to enjoy working with you.’”

Since Boyd brought up the subject of Miss Bardot in her customary film wardrobe we asked if it was difficult playing a scene with her under such circumstances.

“No,” he said.

Was it disconcerting, we asked.

“No,” said Boyd, “it was just embarrassing, but enjoyable. In fact, I never enjoyed anything so much in my life. And to think I got paid for it.”

What do you think is the secret of Miss Bardot’s fascination, we asked.

“I think she has a higher percentage of animal in her than any other woman on the screen. When she moves it’s like a panther and she gives off an attractive sheen whether dressed or not.”

Is she intelligent?

“I think she is a bright girl, but she’s not a woman. I don’t think she has grown up yet. She is like a wild child. Her complete life has been movies and there’s no one in France who can control her or who dares say no to her. She had had her own way too long.”

Is she an easy actress to work with?

“You used the word ‘actress’, not me. I’m not sure I want to work with her again, but I’d sure like to see her again.”

Boyd said two versions of the film were made in French and Spanish and English and Spanish. The censors have already cut some of the love scenes and trimmed some dialogue.

Boyd said when he started the film he spoke no French. “When the picture was over, however, I used to quote from the script in French to my date,” he said. “It was quite a success.”

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