Stephen Boyd as Batman????

This is a very interesting blog I came across about Stephen Boyd and Peter Sellers. I have looked and looked for some piece of news or corroborating article to confirm anything in this blog and came up empty. Apparently, at least according to this blog, Stephen was set to play Batman–yes, that Batman! – and Peter Sellers his enemy Harvey Dent. It started filming at Cinecitta in the summer of 1966 (according to my info, Boyd was busy filming Caper of the Golden Bulls) and Sellers immediately clashed with Boyd either about Sophia Loren or his current paramour/wife Britt Ekland, and the whole thing fell to shambles. Fantasy or reality? If I find out more I will pass it on!

Boyd as Batman???
Tension in the air? Boyd, Sellers and Loren on set of The Fall of the Roman Empire

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