Stephen Boyd takes Marilyn Hanold to “The Oscar” Premiere, 1966

Stephen Boyd was known for taking some of the most stunning Hollywood starlets out on the town, or at least out to his latest premiere. In 1966 Stephen took actress and model Marilyn Hanold to the premiere of “The Oscar” and apparently became the envy of the ‘other Hollywood guys’, according to a newspaper snippet at the time.

“Stephen Boyd, star of “The Oscar,” has another reason to be happy. That bosomy beauty on his arm these nights in Hollywood is lovely Marilyn Hanold from NY who used to carry George Gobels fiddle on his TV show. Other Hollywood guys are drooling.”

Lansing State Journal, February 23, 1966


Marilyn Hanold had her career as a pin-up for men’s magazines in the mid- 1950’s and was a Playboy Centerfold in 1959. She was a minor Hollywood starlet in the 1960’s at the time she was with Stephen, but I must say, she is stunning! They make a very attractive pair out on the town.

Marilyn Hanold Boyd

MarilynHanold (1)

MarilynHanold (2)

MarilynHanold (3)

MarilynHanold (4)

MarilynHanold (5)


Elke on one arm, Marilyn Hanold on the other – Lucky Stephen Boyd!

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