Stephen Boyd – Always a Gentleman on the Movie Set

In the current environment of Hollywood, I think Stephen Boyd would have been very popular among female activists. Stephen had a reputation of being a perfect gentleman and consummate professional on the movie set…even when the director didn’t want him to be! The below story from Florabel Muir in 1966 tells a funny tale on the set of “The Caper of the Golden Bulls”. Stephen is asked to ogle co-star Yvette Mimieux during a film scene, which he does on cue, but only after being asked to do so by the movie’s director Russell Rouse (“The Oscar”).

Florabel Muir

The Times, Shreveport, Friday August 26, 1966

HOLLYWOOD – Invariably emphasized in picture making are the mystic emanations of ionized sex between male and female – that funny thing called love. Watching Russell Rouse guiding Stephen Boyd and Yvette Mimieux thru a scene in “Caper of the Golden Bulls” at Paramount provided a primer lesson on this subtle alchemy of movie-making.

Boyd, fully clad, was ambling by as Yvette climbed out of a pool in a scanty bikini. He did not even glance in her direction. Rouse hollered, “Hey look at her, willya?” Boyd retorted, “Why, it’s not in the script!” Rouse reminded him acidly, “The script doesn’t have glands; you do. Now try it again – and if you have a lascivious expression, use it?” So Stephen put on his best leer, and Rouse ordered, “Print it!” Boyd likes working for Rouse and his partner, Clarence Green. While “Caper” is shooting, he is talking a new five-picture deal with them. This interesting Belfast Irish- American has been a bachelor for more than six years now, having been divorced from Mariella Di Sarzana in January, 1959, after a marriage that lasted less than five months. Nowadays he doesn’t go out with girls much, preferring golf day times and good books in his bachelor pad nights.

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SB yvette


caper (1)

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