Stephen Boyd & Lady Chatterley’s Lover

There are two roles which I would have loved for Stephen Boyd to have portrayed in the movies. One is Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights and the other is the Oliver Mellors, the virile gamekeeper from Lady Chatterley’s Lover. It’s a shame this movie did not get made during the 1960’s with Boyd. I can imagine Stephen Boyd as the robust, brooding gamekeepet Mellors; Eva Marie Saint perhaps as Connie Chatterley, the pent up heroine; and Montgomery Clift as the crippled, cuckolded husband Clifford Chatterley. We can always dream.

This was D. H. Lawrence’s last novel. It focused on a very passionate and adulterous love affair. The book itself was controversial and originally banned for its frank use of language, explicit descriptions of lovemaking, and it’s scandalizing look at society in general. It was printed privately in Florence by Lawrence in 1928. The uncensored edition was published by Great Britain’s Penguin Books in 1960, almost 30 years later. This publication took Penguin Books to trial for obscenity! They won the case and sold millions of copies.

The 1980 movie version with Sylvia Kristel is excellent and true to the book in most every way, but still falls short of the novel itself. So, do yourself a favor and read D.H. Lawrence’s erotic and emotional classic, Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Boyd in Woman Obsessed, 1959

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