Stephen Boyd gets a surprise…from his ex-wife!

I came across a funny story recently when perusing an article about Boyd in the NY Daily News. The interviewer is Wanda Hale, and she briefly asks Boyd about his first marriage to Mariella di Sarzana.

Fullscreen capture 4212018 30633 PM.bmp

While making “Ben-Hur” in Rome, Steve met a beautiful girl, Mariella di Sarzana. Four months later they were married. “That relationship, “Steve said, “Lasted less than three weeks.” In Madrid, several years later Steve made “The Fall of the Roman Empire” for Samuel Bronston. Arriving early, Steve was sent a guide by the Bronston office to show him around the city. Steve said, “And who was the guide? My ex-wife. That relationship lasted five minutes.” (NY Daily News, Feb 28, 1966)

And to prove it, we have pictures in the Spanish snow of Boyd and Sarzana in 1963 after their brief reunion. Despite the fact that their relationship was very short, you can still see a little bit of the playfulness and chemistry they had from their romance in 1958.



Below is a brand new picture I found recently of Stephen and Mariella from 1958

marielIMG_0001 - Copy (2)

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