Watch Stephen Boyd in “Frauenstation”/ “Women in Hospital” (Germany) from 1977

Sometimes life treats you to something very special, and luckily last month a very kind Stephen Boyd fan in France (Emmanuel) contacted me and offered to send me the DVD of Frauenstation, a late 1970’s German film Stephen Boyd made with Horst Buchholz (The Magnificent Seven). I was so excited to get this movie as I had never been able to track it down. And what an amazing performance I had been missing!

Frauenstation, or Women in Hospital,  is based on a 1964 novel by Marie Louise Fischer. It was directed by Rolf Thiele. It was released in April of 1977. In the film Stephen plays Dr. Oberhoff,  a doctor in a women’s hospital ward. He works tirelessly with fellow doctor and friend Horst Buchholz (Dr. Schuman). The two doctors give abortions, help with pregnancies and even perform C-sections. There seems to be some philosophical conflict between the two men. (The dialogue is only in German so you have to read between the lines!)  Stephen’s character is the father of a precocious young teenage girl (Pirko Zenker) who has had a baby out of wedlock which he helps take care of.  Perhaps he himself is against abortion? Horst’s character tends to a very emotional yet beautiful,  drug-addicted wife (Lillian Müller) who, it seems, gave herself a grisly abortion in dream-like flashbacks and tries to drown her sorrows in pills. Boyd is very tender on-screen with his young daughter and grandson and rigidly devoted to his profession as a world weary doctor who still has time to flirt with the sexy nurses. It’s a fascinating and layered performance. He looks very handsome with his coiffed mustache and white doctor’s coat as well.

Watch this incredible performance by Stephen Boyd as Dr. Oberhoff below!



Fullscreen capture 442018 93514 PM.bmp - Copy

Schuman and Oberhoff are successful hospital doctors who treat pregnant women. However, their personal lives are a mess. Schuman has to deal with his drug-addicted wife Claudia, while Oberhoff deals with his teenage daughter’s pregnancy.CINE 1977IMG_0007 (1)


 Rolf Thiele


 Marie Louise Fischer (novel), Ted Rose | 1 more credit »

RARE FRAUENSTATION (WOMEN IN HOSPITAL) GERMAN FILM 1977 (courtesy of Emmanuel in France- thank you!)

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