Stephen Boyd Blog Exclusive with Jean Hale!

I was so happy to find a fan mailing address for actress Jean Hale in California recently. Jean has a very memorable role as ‘Cheryl Barker’, an actress fighting for her preeminence in Hollywood in one of my favorite Stephen Boyd movies, The Oscar (1966). If you’ve seen The Oscar, you can’t forget Jean Hale. She’s Frankie Fane’s first arranged ‘date’ on the Hollywood scene, and it seems Fane learns whatever conniving tricks he can from her character in order to break it big in Hollywood! As his star rises, hers begins to fall. Fane turns the table on Barker quite nastily in one of The Oscar’s most famous moments: The ‘Green Goddess Salad’ dump.

So I sent Jean some questions, and she was so very kind to answer me along with a lovely autograph. Below are her responses and some great pictures of Jean Hale from The Oscar!


SBB (Stephen Boyd Blog): Do you have any stories or memories you can share about filming The Oscar with Stephen Boyd you’d like to share?

JH (Jean Hale) : He was wonderful to work with. A gentleman…a true gentleman.


SBB: I have heard your portrayal of fictional actress Cheryl Barker in The Oscar was based partly on actress Carroll Baker? Is it true?

JH: No, actually it was based a little bit on Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow.


SBB: What was it like to work with Hedda Hopper?

JH: Very interesting and fun.


SBB: Anything else you’d like to share about the filming of The Oscar and your scenes?

JH: It was one of my first big movies and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Well,  I must add, The Oscar fans enjoy every minute of you on screen as well, Jean! A huge heartfelt THANK YOU to Jean for her time! All the best to you Jean! You are a lovely actress!

IMG - Copy.jpg

the_oscar_1966_1161 (2)

OSCARFullscreen capture 1182016 11907 PM.bmp

A little more about Jean Hale for Wikipedia!

Jean Hale

Jean Hale in trailer for The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967)
Born December 27, 1938 (age 79)
Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1960–1991
Spouse(s) Dabney Coleman (m. 1961; div. 1984)
Children 4, including Quincy Coleman[1]

Jean Hale (born December 27, 1938) is an American actress.

Film and Television[edit]

In films, Hale played Miriam Stark in Taggart (1964), Cheryl Barker in The Oscar (1966), Myrtle in The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967) and Lisa in In Like Flint(1967). She also appeared in several television shows in the 1960s. She made two 1965 appearances on Perry Mason; in both roles she played Perry’s client: Reggie Lansfield in “The Case of the Murderous Mermaid,” (Season 8, Episode 23) and Carla Chaney in “The Case of the Laughing Lady.” Other television appearances include: The Alfred Hitchcock HourBatmanBob Hope Presents the Chrysler TheatreBonanzaThe FugitiveHawaii Five-OMcHale’s NavyMy Favorite Martian(“The Atom Misers”, air date 12/15/63), The VirginianHogan’s Heroes, and The Wild Wild West.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Jean Hale married Dabney Coleman in 1961. They have four children: Quincy (born 1972), Meghan, Randy, and Kelly Johns. They divorced in 1984.[3] Jean Hale was raised a Mormon.[4]

3 thoughts on “Stephen Boyd Blog Exclusive with Jean Hale!

  1. Actually it was based on Carroll Baker. The producer Levine had a major falling out with Baker and he intentionally based Cheryl Barkers nasty arrogant persona on Baker and even named the character similar to Baker’s name. He was pretty angry at her and this was the veiled revenge against her.


    1. That’a what I have read as well, but this was Jean Hale’s answer. Being a professional I’m sure she didn’t want to throw another actress under the bus….it was great to hear from Jean herself! Thanks for visiting my blog! 😉


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