Beautiful Stephen Boyd and Joan Crawford Press Photo from “The Best of Everything”, 1959

Stephen Boyd must have been starstruck when he met one of his early films idols in the flesh on the 20th Century Fox set for the production of “The Best of Everything” in mid 1959. The idol? The amazing Miss Joan Crawford.

Boyd had this to say in a French interview once about some of his earliest movie star favorites when he was growing up. It seems that when Stephen was watching a romance between Joan Crawford on screen, he imagined that it was himself! And why not! She was breathtaking on the cinema.

Cinemonde, May 1966

Pour le cinéma, j’aurais voulu être né vingt ans plus tôt. Les films que je voyais étant enfant puis adolescent me transportaient ! J’avais le sentiment de connaître Clark Gable et Gary Cooper mieux que mon propre frère ; et il y a eu une merveilleuse histoire d’amour entre Joan Crawford et moi… 

For cinema, I wanted to be born twenty years ago. The movies I saw as a child then as a teenager transported me! I felt I knew Clark Gable and Gary Cooper better than my own brother; and there was a wonderful story of love between me and Joan Crawford…

It’s a shame they didn’t tweak the script a little to insert a little on-screen romance for the two actors in “The Best of Everything!” But like Stephen says, we can always use our imaginations. Who knows what was going on between editors Mike Rice and Amanda Farrow?

IMG-003 - Copy (2).jpg

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