Photos during the filming of “The Bravados”

I love Ebay curiosities like this!

Joe De Rita was an American actor and comedian (he was one of the Three Stooges –  “Curly Joe”!) who also had an uncredited role in the “The Bravados” as the slippery “Mr. Simms” – or who everyone things is Mr. Simms, anyway. He’s actually in town trying to bust out our bad boys from jail (Stephen Boyd, Lee Van Cleef, Henry Silva and Albert Salmi). The picture collection below is from his estate, and it shows some amazing snapshots during filming the movie in early 1958, including some shots of the imitable tall cool one – Gregory Peck –  and the town where they were filming.

Directly below is an edited scene from “The Bravados” showing Stephen Boyd as Zach with Joe De Rita. Lee Van Cleef and Albert Salmi can be seen in the background.

IMG-004 (2)

From the estate of Joe De Rita. Small personal photo album of 30 plus photos he may have taken while filming in Mexico. Joe Dirita


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