Stephen Boyd Cover, Sunday “New York News”, May 5, 1963



If Stephen Boyd hadn’t been so anxious to get on with his move career, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor might never have met. Boyd was the first choice to play Mark Antony in “Cleopatra,” but when Liz’ illness postponed filming for six months, the ruggedly handsome Irishman signed to do another picture.

“I’m not sorry about missing THAT experience,” he said.

Born in Belfast on July 4, 1928, the youngest of nine children, his real name is Billy Miller. He was 8 when he decided to become an actor, and at 16 he began his career with the Ulster Theatre Group. Two years later he went to Canada, where he played in summer stock and radio. In 1950 he came to the United States and tours in “Streetcar Named Desire” and other plays.

He returned to Europe, where his career hit a bleak period, and it took him five years to win his way to a movie contract. His first major screen role was in “The Man Who Never Was.” He also appeared in “Island in the Sun” and “The Best of Everything” before getting his first big break, the role of Messala in “Ben Hur.” His latest role was opposite Doris Day in “Jumbo.”

Boyd married Mariella de Graziani, an Italian talent agency executive, in August, 1958. The marriage lasted 23 days, and they were divorced the following March.



Blogger’s note:  this article misspelled Mariella’s name – it’s di Sarzana. Also, this is a common mistake where Boyd’s birth date is incorrectly given as 1928, not 1931.

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