Stephen Boyd Photo from Movie TV Secrets, May 1963


This I found unexpectedly in a Doris Day article from 1963 covering her divorce. The article relates the story about Stephen and Doris on the set of “Jumbo.”

And last, but not least, is the man who threw the first monkey wrench into Doris’ marriage. That man is Stephen Boyd, the handsome, English actor who co-starred with her in Jumbo. Steve is a dark, brooding, independent kind of guy who says just what he thinks and doesn’t care who knows it. He’s got the ladies drooling in Hollywood as one of the most eligible bachelors, but sexy Steve has quit town to work in Europe (which hasn’t prevented him from constantly wiring flowers to Doris).

They first discovered their mutual attraction while working on Jumbo. The story goes, as related by the producer Joe Pasternak, that they couldn’t stop  a long, passionate kiss during one of the clinch scenes even when the director yelled “Cut!” Everybody was stunned because Doris has an aversion to playing kissy-face in front of the cameras, and usually raises a rumpus when the scene has to be shot over again,. They continued their romance off screen as well, and it became pretty involved before Steve returned to Merry England

The photo is a great shot of Stephen, and it’s actually a promo shot from “Lisa”, 1962.


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