Fascinating pamphlet from “The Making of El Cid” book– preview of The Fall of the Roman Empire

This was a rare find in a Roman book store called The Making of El Cid. It includes, among amazing pictures from El Cid, a preview of The Fall of the Roman Empire. Stephen Boyd, Alec Guinness and Richard Harris are listed as the stars. No Sophia yet, and no Christopher Plummer. Plummer would replace Harris as the Emperor Commodus.

8 thoughts on “Fascinating pamphlet from “The Making of El Cid” book– preview of The Fall of the Roman Empire

  1. I just watched “ Woman Obsessed” for what must be the hundredth time. I also read the book, originally entitled “ White Birches”. I know the film was considered small potatoes for both Stephen Boyd and Susan Hayward. However, it is beautifully done and the small changes from the book do not detract from the film. Small changes include Mary Sharron
    And Robbie having black hair, and Fred Carter being blonde, and Mary being in her late 20’s ( Susan Hayward was 42). There were also some character switches ( there is no Dr. Gibbs in the book, played by Theodore Bikel). There were also some dialogue alterations, but nothing that disturbed the flow of the film.Stephen was at his most handsome ( right before Ben-Hur I believe), and he plays the part of Fred Carter perfectly.
    I urge anyone who can, to watch this under-rated film.

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      1. I am still very curious about Stephen Boyd’s cause of death. I know the official cause was a heart attack ( with no history of heart trouble). Some blog entries have suggested AIDS from homosexual activity- but numerous sources claim that there is no evidence that he was gay. Indeed, if he had contracted HIV, one would wonder why none of his female counterparts got it.
        Stephen started looking thinner and more gaunt for a few years prior to his death in 1977. If he were my husband, I would have whisked him off to a doctor in view of his weight loss and premature aging. He looked older than 45 to me during his Hawaii 5-O performance ( which was excellent). He did smoke, at least earlier in his life. Which is illustrated by photos and the mention of him smoking during interviews.
        There are also conflicting accounts of where he died. Some accounts have him collapsing and dying right on a golf course; others have rushed to the hospital where he died two hours later ( after being put on a ventilator?).
        I don’t mean to be ghoulish, but these inconsistencies are troubling. However, I also know that Stephen Boyd and his wife were very private people.


      2. I cover most of this on my Biography page on my blog, and I have written Stephens Wiki Bio too…I have done extensive research. Never found anything about him being gay at all. Steve simply had a severe heart attack from a lifetime of chain smoking, similar to other actors who died young as well like Ty Power. You don’t have to have heart trouble prior to a heart attack. He had a heart attack on the golf course but was taken to a hospital…you may want to watch the mini program called The Man Who Never Was on the video section of my blog or read his unofficial Bio book. There really is no mysterious cause of death. Hope this helps!


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