More Stephen Boyd Clippings (including Monica Peterson)

It was nice to find another clipping of Stephen Boyd with the beautiful African American actress/ starlet Monica Peterson recently. Monica had first met Stephen on the set of  “The Fall of the Roman Empire”. She also appeared in his BBC biography “The Man Who Never Was” in 2011. I also came across photos of Monica attending the London premiere of “Shalako” with Stephen in December of 1968, and the below new clipping seems to be around the same time, or from a little later, maybe 1970.  I also found a newspaper clipping from 1968 indicating that the pair was out on a date in mid-1968 during the time Stephen was filming “Slaves”.

For more information about Monica Peterson be sure to visit her website which includes some very interesting candid photos over the years with other celebrities at

TWOSOMES around town:….Monica Peterson, 20th Century Fox’s beautiful Negro starlet, with Stephen Boyd at at Chez Jay.  (June 14, 1968, Evening Herald) 

Scan_20190509 - Copy

Below, Monica and Stephen at the premiere of “Shalako” in London, December 1968

Fullscreen capture 11192018 83725 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 11192018 83737 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 11192018 83713 PM.bmp

Stephen Boyd and Monica Peterson on the set of “The Fall of the Roman Empire”, 1964


Fullscreen capture 592019 84105 PM.bmp

Scan_20190509 - Copy (2).jpg

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