Magazine Articles and Clippings Gallery

Various Stephen Boyd Magazine Covers


Various Random Stephen Boyd USA, UK and Spanish Magazine Clippings/Articles, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s




“The ABC of Stephen Boyd”, 1966

CINEMONDE, Jan 1959, 1963 & 1966

CINEMONDE Ben-Hur Special, 1960

CINE TELEREVUE, September 1961

SCREEN STARS, “Stephen Boyd, You’re a Fraud” Fan Letter, 1961

Brigitte Bardot “The Strange Life of the Sex Kitten” Magazine, 1958


 TV AND SCREEN WORLD, Brigitte Bardot “Three Men Aren’t Enough for Her! “,  August 1968

“The Rebel in Stephen Boyd”, 1975

The National Enquirer, 1960 & French Magazine

MOVIE LIFE, October 1960 photo shoot with Stella Stevens

MOVIE MIRROR, “Romance on the Run” with Dolores Hart, September 1960 + other magazine clip

MOVIE LIFE MAGAZINE, “Boyd Meets Girl!” with Dolores Hart, June 1960

MOVIE SCREEN,  “Stephen Boyd Bares All” , March 1963

PHOTOPLAY,  “Why I’m in Ben Hur”, 1960


 Stephen Boyd “Fall of the Roman Empire” clippings, 1964

PHOTOPLAY, 1967, “Boyd Joins Spy Set”

PHOTOPLAY, “Love and Stephen Boyd”, 1960

Stephen Boyd features from French “Big Gamble” and “The Night Heaven Fell” Photo Novels, 1961 & 1958



PHOTOPLAY, “Hollywood 1966”;PICTURE SHOW cover 1957; DATE MAGAZINE “What Every Girl Should Know About Wolves”, 1960



PHOTOPLAY, “Why a guy wants to stay single” July 1960

SILVER SCREEN, “Sex appeal + blarney= Stephen Boyd”, June 1960

SCREEN STORIES: The Oscar (1966), Lisa(1962),  Woman Obsessed (1959) The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964), The Third Secret (1964)


INSIDE STORY, “The Very Torrid Life of Stephen Boyd!”, September 1960

SCREENLAND, “Stephen Boyd: Love Gambler”, November 1960

MOVIE LIFE YEAR BOOK, “Bright New Faces Going Places”, 1960

MOVIELAND “I have no regrets about anything”, December 1962

STARDOM Magazine,  “I Like To Be Alone- but not lonely!”, May 1960

THE SCREEN ALBUM, “The Mystery of Stephen Boyd”, August-October 1960

SCREENLAND, “Stephen Boyd: What Makes a Girl Seductive”,  July 1961

MOVIELAND, “He Was Just A Lamb In Wolves Clothing”, May 1961

MOVIE STARS TV CLOSE UPS, “Women Throw Themselves at Stephen Boyd”,  July 1960

MOVIE LIFE, “Let Me Tell You About Steve Boyd”, January 1963



SILVER SCREEN, ” ‘Killer’ Boyd”, April 1963


MOTION PICTURE, “Stephen Boyd and the River of Death”, October 1960



TEMPO, Italian Magazine, March 1968, Brigitte Bardot and Stephen Boyd



PHOTOPLAY, “Boyd talks about Bardot”, September, 1968



MARTA and Marisa Mell Spanish Magazine Articles, 1971



Japanese KILL articles, 1971



PHOTOPLAY, 1975 (?) “Who’s Trying to Kill Stephen Boyd”



PHOTOPLAY ” Stephen Boyd : I Should Never Have Gone to Hollywood”, October 1976






CINEMONDE  & Spanish Magazine Stephen Boyd Retrospectives, 1977



MOVIE MONSTERS MAGAZINE, “His Last Voyage:  Goodby to Boyd”, July 1977



 “Stephen Boyd A Star Worth Remembering”, Unknown Star Magazine, 1977