Ahh, 70’s Stephen Boyd! Thanks Getty Images!!

Thanks to a tip from Emmanuel in France – Getty Images is always adding new things, so it’s great to see a ton of new Stephen Boyd photos from two of his TV projects  –
Carter’s Army (1970) and Of Men and Women (1973)! Stephen looks so good in both of these shows– it is great to see more photos!!


 “Carter’s Army”Getty Images


“Of Men and Women” Getty Images

The Buena Vista Plantation in Gloster, Louisiana: The filming location of “Slaves” (1969)

An amazing visit to this secluded, haunted plantation in West Louisiana.

This is the view of the Big House used on the Slaves movie poster!! The upper level columns are gone, but you can count the lower pillars and the 2 chimneys on the roof to confirm it is the same house.

This area was used for much of the main action, including the large slave crowd scene at the end of Slaves

What a beautiful tree….! Not sure what kind….maybe an oak tree. A classic plantation view here.
The unpaved road up to the plantation.
Converted to a garage, what used to be slave quarters most likely.
This is a private residence now.

Buena Vista c. 1859 Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places