Stephen Boyd and Barbara Perkins, 1965

Stephen took actress Barbara Perkins (a young actress from the TV show “Peyton Place”, and later on the movie “The Valley of the Dolls”) out on a date in 1965, either to the “Genghis Khan” premiere or the  “Hallelujah Trail” premiere. They look good together, although from the last picture I am not sure how well they mixed!

Here’s how Stephen Boyd got a date for the “Genghis Khan” premiere: He phoned Barbara Parkins (of “Peyton Place”), whom he’d never met, and she agreed.  (Detroit Free Press, June 25, 1965)

BARBARAFILM STAR STEPHEN BOYD WITH TV's PEYTON PLACE STAR, BARBARA PARKINS AT THE PREVIEW OF THE FILM, THE HALLELUJAH TRAIL IN THE WARNER CINERAMA THEATRE, HOLLYWOOD.BARBARA PARKINS and Stephen Boyd at the premiere of Hallelujah Trail.(Credit Image: A© Gilloon/Globe Photos/ PARKINS with Stephen Boyd.Trail premiere.Supplied by   Photos inc.(Credit Image: A© Supplied By Globe Photos Inc/Globe Photos/ capture 10202015 112750 AM.bmp