Rare “Evil in the Deep” Stephen Boyd pictures added to Movie Photo Gallery

This is a crazy mix of pictures. Half of them taken circa 1972 when the movie was first filmed, and the 2nd half (with the older Stephen sporting the mustache) taken in 1976 when the movie ‘The Treasure of Jamaica Reef’ was reissued as the ‘Jaws’ inspired “Evil in the Deep.”  The cozy love scene with Cheryl Ladd never made it into the final cut of the film (darn it!), and the brunette posing with Stephen, Wendy Douglas, was an actress who was featured very briefly in the added ‘horror’ scenes which bookend “Evil in the Deep”. And then there is a random picture of Stephen next to a very big, old computer, which looks more like a “Fantastic Voyage” still!

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Stephen Boyd and Cheryl Ladd-Filming of “The Treasure of Jamaica Reef”

In honor of ‘Shark Week’ I thought I would give a shout out to The Treasure of Jamaica Reef/Evil in the Deep! This movie was originally filmed in late 1971, but for some reason (as the movie truly makes no coherent sense whatsoever), it took them 4 more years before it was released – March of 1975. The only thing good to say about this movie is the scenery: Stephen in swim-wear for one thing, Cheryl Ladd in swim-wear for another, and the underwater photography. Other than that, it is a very amateurishly filmed endeavor. Thanks to Stephen’s National Geographic-like over-dub, we at least have some sense of what’s going on. But it doesn’t help a whole lot. The story basically follows a group of friends who travel to Jamaica to look for a lost Spanish treasure. There is a hint of a flirtation between Boyd and Ladd throughout the picture, but no actual romance, unfortunately. The really bizarre thing about this movie is after the Jaws craze of the summer of 1975, this whole mess was re-released again in the summer of 1976 with a new poster and added scenes with other actors. This time around the treasure they are looking for is cursed and, of course, there are added shark scenes. Stephen even filmed extra scenes at sea and in bed to add a racier element to this now rated R version of the same movie. He looks noticeably older in the additional shots as they were filmed 5 years after the original movie. Stephen seems to have had a great time filming the original in 1971 – he grins happily throughout the whole movie, showing off his slim, tanned physique and his amateur pilot skills. However, he does seem perplexed and haggard filming the re-cut version. He must have wondered why he was filming scenes for a movie he had made 5 years earlier.  Here are some screen shots from both versions–and an interesting interview with Stephen about the filming of the movie. Stephen couldn’t swim!


Fullscreen capture 7122015 93759 AM.bmpEvil in the Deep 2

What!? I wish this romantic scene between Boyd and Ladd had actually taken place in the movie!

Fullscreen capture 10202015 113323 AM.bmp

When Treasure of Jamaica Reef became Evil in the Deep! Below is a promo photo taken when the new scenes were added and the Jaws element was in full play.

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Screen shots from the original Treasure of Jamaica Reef. No sharks in this version!Fullscreen capture 732016 72504 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72521 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72744 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72756 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72857 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72915 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72931 AMFullscreen capture 732016 72942 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73008 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73026 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73049 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73105 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73122 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73141 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73244 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73305 AMFullscreen capture 732016 73354 AM

 Screen shots from the re-imagined Jaws version of the movie, renamed Evil in the Deep. And look–there is a shark!!!Fullscreen capture 732016 73915 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 732016 74601 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 732016 73934 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 732016 74039 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 732016 74100 AM.bmpFullscreen capture 732016 74140 AM.bmp