Stephen and the Bombshells! – Stephen Boyd talks about filming sexy scenes


Anecdotes of Sexy Scenes

by Dorothy Manners, September 11, 1966

Stephen Boyd and I were talking about the hot love scenes, particularly in foreign films. They have become so completely accepted by American audiences there’s considerable talk about up-dating and revising the Code (Motion Picture Association of America’s Seal of Approval- in other words the guide-line of the censor) to allow for more leeway for mature sex in scripts.

“Everyone seems to be in a swivit about sex on the screen except the actors who actually play the scenes. There’s a good reason. Nine out of ten times the big, passionate kiss-and-clutch sequences are literally a pain in the neck if not downright ludicrous!” said Stephen.

He knows

He should know what he’s talking about. The good looking Irishman has wallowed around romantically with more sex sirens than almost any other actor. His list of the ‘kissed’ includes Brigitte Bardot, Joan Collins, Diane Cilento, Gina Lollobrigida, Francoise Dorleac, Eleanor Parker, Elke Sommer, Yvette Mimieaux, Sophia Loren.

Ironically, in his newest picture on display, “Fantastic Voyage,” there’s not one kiss- even a little one with the newest sex symbol, Raquel Welch! The 20th Century Fox hit is concerned with other matters.

As Steve pits it: “Our director Richard Fleischer was too busy with our cast of millions – of antibodies, the red and white corpuscles, cells, dendrites, lymph nodes, arteries – in the inner-body sequences. I guess he rightly figured there’s enough dangers and suspense in that strange, weirdly beautiful, fantastic inner-body voyage we take to food around with outer-bodies.” To know fully what Stephen’s talking about – see the picture.

But in every other film he’s starred in, Steve has done his share of osculatory research.

Never forget

Boyd chuckled, “I’ll never forget the big moment of passion between Gina Lollobrigida and myself in ‘Imperial Venus.’ I had to grab Gina, kiss her so passionately that our knees gave out from under us, and we sank gradually and gracefully to the floor- it said in the script. And that’s the way the director insisted we play it.

“What actually happened is that I’d grab Gina and she’d swoon. But as we tried to sink to the floor our knees would bump together, we’d have to fight to keep out balance and rehearsal after rehearsal we’d wind up roaring with laughter. Censors? They never crossed our mind.

In steel armour

“In ‘Fall of the Roman Empire’ with Sophia Loren, I was encased in steel armor in our big love scenes! As I’d lift my arms to embrace Sophia, the neck of the armour went up and pressed on my Adam’s apple and at the same time the helmet was being pressed downward on my head. The ensuing kiss we exchanged felt more like the survivors of an endurance contest.

“With Brigitte Bardot in ‘The Night Heaven Fell,’ we had a pip of a passionate moment. Because of the unusually beautiful camera effect the director, Roger Vadim, had us posed on a rocky cliff for the big clutch. The implication was that we were literally on the point of disaster. It proved to be right. Just as we kissed, my feet slipped and we fell Jack-and-Jill style right down the hill! We were both so bruised we couldn’t work for days.”

Steve looked at his watch because he was due at the airport to catch a plane to San Francisco for an appearance with ‘Fantastic Voyage.’ But he had time for one more anecdote of the non-sexiness of sexy scenes.

“It’s the REAL topper,” he grinned. “In ‘The Oscar,’ Elke Sommer and I were making mad love in a car speeding down the freeway to Tijuana. It was sufficiently disconcerting to be speeding and kissing at the same time into a camera mounted on the hood of our car. But driving directly behind us was her husband, Joe Hyams! And he’s JEALOUS! Try that for a romantic mood sometime,” said Steve before he sped away.

IMG (2).jpgsopppboyd.jpg

Stephen Boyd and Elke Sommer in”The Oscar” 1966

The Irishman and the German sex-pot! Stephen Boyd and Elke Sommer make a super-sexy duo on screen in “The Oscar”, one of my favorite Stephen Boyd movies. Stephen never looked so handsome, and Elke looks ravishing as well. The movie “The Oscar” was based on a book by Richard Sale–the same Ricard Sale who wrote and directed Stephen in the 1957 movie “Abandon Ship!”with Tyrone Power, coincidentally.  It was filmed in the summer of 1965.  This movie has a strong cult following, and we all await either an official DVD or Blu-Ray Release at some point. TCM has played this movie a few years ago, but it deserves an official release!









Stephen Boyd and Old Hollywood Glamour

Stephen Boyd had the style and the image of old Hollywood Glamour. Stephen himself would often say that the Hollywood (during his era) had already lost its mystery.

“There was a time when celebrities were really idols- remote gods and goddesses whom people looked up to and adored. I think everybody needs an idol, but once that idol is reduced to average size and every intimate detail of his life made an open book, then he loses that pedestal which separates him from those who desire to gaze up at him….Ideally, it would be wonderful if, like the fables cities of old, Hollywood could be enclosed behind high walls and no one except those who work there be permitted to enter. Then the mystery would return. Then people once again would wonder and marvel at the fabulous aura emanating from behind those walls. It would once more be a magical kingdom. I think that’s what people really want in their stars–the marvelous magic of mystery.” (Photoplay, 1966)

Here’s a few pics of Stephen out on the town which I think capture some of that Old Style Glamour!

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Stephen and unknown ladies
airplanes1010390_640482855993049_768761299_n (2)
Denise Darcel
Denise Darcel
Emmaline Henry
Emmeline Henry
Giovanna Ralli
giovanniralliFullscreen capture 10202015 112541 AM.bmp
Gionvanna Ralli
Joan Collins
Joan Collins
Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford
Stella Stevens
Stella Stevens
Tina Louise
Marilyn Hanold Boyd
Marilyn Hanold
Elke Sommer and Marilyn Hanold
Marilyn Hanold
Romney Tree