Netherlands Cocktail Party for “Lisa” June 20, 1961 – Photo Pics of Dolores Hart and Stephen Boyd in Amsterdam

These are some of my favorite pictures of Stephen Boyd and Dolores Hart together – from the Netherlands National Archive website. They attended this cocktail party together in Amsterdam to promote the filming of “Lisa” in June of 1961.


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For more about Dolores Hart and Stephen Boyd, see

Stephen Boyd and Stella Stevens publicity shoot, 1960

A fabricated love triangle story published by Modern Screen in 1960. Stephen may have gone on a few dates with Stella Stevens, and we know he was good friends with Brigitte. However, this was a typical Hollywood photo shoot to promote both actors involved.

Columnist and “What’s My Line?” regular Dorothy Kilgallen, at the time, was somewhat shocked.

“Hollywood’s biggest mystery is how Stephen Boyd was lured into those trashy publicity photographs with Stella Stevens in a fan magazine. She may need the publicity, because nobody ever heard of her – but what happened to his brain?” (Asbury Park Press, Oct 6, 1960)

Stephen and Stella

Stephen plays the good studio stud to the up-and-coming starlet Stella on a random rugged California horse ranch-all for the sake of publicity! And he looks very handsome doing so.  Bravo Stephen!