Before there were Razzies, there was the Harvard Lampoon Awards!

Today the annual Razzie Awards came out to celebrate the worst performances and movies for the year. These awards started in 1980. The previous association that would issue this type of award was from student humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon, based at Harvard University in Massachusetts. This award humorously began in 1939 and they would annually announce a “Movie Worst Issue” magazine.

The Worst Actress award was called The Natalie Wood Award because Natalie Wood had won this dubious prize for three consecutive years in the early 1960’s. She even went to Harvard to personally accept the award in 1966. What a good sport!

Natalie Wood at Harvard accepting her Worst Actress Award in 1966

The Worst Actor award was called The Kirk Douglas Award. I can’t seem to find which movie gave Kirk this distinction. Maybe it’s a slew of them!

And yes, for the year of 1966-1967 our Stephen got a special mention for something called “the Roscoe Award”. See below!

(George) Peppard was named for the “Kirk Douglas Award” as the year’s worst actor for his performance in “The Blue Max.”

Miss Andress was chosen for “The Natalie Wood Award” as worst actress for her part in “Casino Royale.”

The 10 worst pictures were ranked behind 1) “Is Paris Burning?” in this order: 2. Hurry Sundown; 3. The Oscar; 4. The Fortune Cookie; 5. The Bible; 6. A Countess from Hong Kong; 7. The Blue Max; 8. Fantastic Voyage; 9. Torn Curtin and 10. Penelope.

Leslie Caron was named the worst supporting actress of the year for “Is Paris Burning” and John Huston the worst supporting actor for “The Bible.”

Stephen Boyd was given the special Roscoe Award, with the notation that “This coveted trophy is awarded annually to the actor or actress who, in the past year, has most memorably displayed that certain unskilled, clumsy quality that has marked the products of Hollywood since the early days.”

It went to Boyd for “his starring roles in The Oscar and Fantastic Voyage and for his brief but significant appearance in The Bible.”

Bennington Banner, May 25, 1967


Ouch. Sorry Stephen. Frankie Fane would not agree with this assessment and neither do I. But I hope Stephen took this news as well as Natalie Wood did!

In another example of this humorous publication, here is a sample from 1966:

The Piltdown Mandible (presented annually for the lamest example of scientific improbable phenomenon): This year to the producers of Fantastic Voyage for assuming that the molecules which made up the submarine would not re-expand to normal size because said submarine had been devoured by a white corpuscle; and to the lame cow in The Bible who supplied an estimated 974,000 gallons of milk to all the animals on the Ark for 40 days and 40 nights
The Merino Award: To the two merinos on the Ark in The Bible

..and from 1964:

Worst Performance by a Cast in Toto: The entire population of Western Europe for its performance in The Fall of the Roman Empire

Stephen Boyd takes Marilyn Hanold to “The Oscar” Premiere, 1966

Stephen Boyd was known for taking some of the most stunning Hollywood starlets out on the town, or at least out to his latest premiere. In 1966 Stephen took actress and model Marilyn Hanold to the premiere of “The Oscar” and apparently became the envy of the ‘other Hollywood guys’, according to a newspaper snippet at the time.

“Stephen Boyd, star of “The Oscar,” has another reason to be happy. That bosomy beauty on his arm these nights in Hollywood is lovely Marilyn Hanold from NY who used to carry George Gobels fiddle on his TV show. Other Hollywood guys are drooling.”

Lansing State Journal, February 23, 1966


Marilyn Hanold had her career as a pin-up for men’s magazines in the mid- 1950’s and was a Playboy Centerfold in 1959. She was a minor Hollywood starlet in the 1960’s at the time she was with Stephen, but I must say, she is stunning! They make a very attractive pair out on the town.

Marilyn Hanold Boyd

MarilynHanold (1)

MarilynHanold (2)

MarilynHanold (3)

MarilynHanold (4)

MarilynHanold (5)


Elke on one arm, Marilyn Hanold on the other – Lucky Stephen Boyd!

Stephen Boyd talks about Eleanor Parker, his co-star from “The Oscar”

Not sure where this quote came from, but I would love to find the source!

Stephen Boyd lamented: Beats me why Eleanor Parker was through by the time she was forty. She had everything – looks, talent, character. Oscar nominations. It’s one of those situations where the only logical answer to the question: Why didn’t she become a bigger star? Must be that she refused to sleep with some mogul or top producer. Nothing else would make sense.

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