Dear Blog Readers–Thank You!

It has been about 6 months since I started this Stephen Boyd blog, and every day I am so amazed at the international appeal of Mr. Boyd 39 years after his death. I want to thank all of you for visiting and enjoying all the Stephen related photos and posts that are part of this blog. To give you all an idea of how widespread the readers if this blog are–check this out!  France, USA, Israel, Spain, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Australia, Germany, India, South Korea, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Canada, U.K., Macedonia, Denmark, Cyprus, Slovakia, Iraq, Tunisia, Hungary, South Africa, Switzerland, Jordan, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Egypt, Malaysia, Seychelles, Poland, Thailand, Cuba, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Philippines, China, Uruguay and Myanmar, Uganda, Pakistan. Wow! It sounds like the Olympics! Anyway, to all Stephen Boyd fans far and wide, thanks for visiting and keep visiting!

Updated October 29, 2016