Stephen Boyd and Ulla Bergryd from “The Bible” premiere, 1966

Stephen and young starlet Ulla Bergryd, who played Nimrod and Eve respectively in John Huston’s dream-like, biblical epic “The Bible”, attended the Hollywood premiere of the movie together in October of 1966.  Ulla was from Sweden, and she was somewhat overawed by the dazzling Hollywood stars that surrounded her during the premiere. She attended the New York premiere with John Gavin, and the Hollywood premiere with Boyd. From an article at the time, the 24-year old Bergryd said this:

“I used to read the movie magazines avidly until I was about 14 and I just couldn’t tell Mr. Gavin and Mr. Boyd that when I was a child they were two of my pin-up boys.”

Lucky lady!


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with Ulla Bergryd, 1966

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Boyd signs autographs, and Bergryd is close behind at another “The Bible” event 

Boyd as Nimrod, Bergryd as Eve in “The Bible” 1966