Oakwood Memorial Park- Stephen Boyd’s Gravesite

Stephen Boyd is buried in a crypt at a beautifully serene outside mausoleum in a California cemetery in the city of Chatsworth. Stephen, along with other stars like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gloria Grahame, can be found here. It’s a little difficult to read Stephen’s plaque as it is on the uppermost part of the outside mausoleum wall corner. You can sit just beneath the wall in the cool shade on a nice marble bench.  His name, along with his wife Elizabeth Mills, can be seen. Stephen’s date of birth and death are listed (1931-1977) on his plaque –  Elizabeth’s plaque just shows her name, not her date of birth or death. Just across from his crypt in the grass is a stately female marble statue surrounded a rose bush. Along the fence is a long line of tall, slender cypresses which remind me of Italy.  This was truly a serene and lovely cemetery. There was something very emotional and tangible about visiting Stephen’s grave, and knowing that he died at such an early age (45 years old). I was deeply touched and moved to know that Stephen – such a content, handsome,  happy person in real life – was put to rest in such a perfect location. You can almost feel the warmth of his smile in this place.

Pictures taken on a visit to Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, California  in August 2015.

RIP dear Stephen.

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Stephen’s spot in this mausoleum wall is on the very top left side corner…


To find out more, visit this great website, http://www.seeing-stars.com/Buried2/Oakwood.shtml


Additional pictures below taken August 20, 2017