Stephen Boyd Movie Photo Gallery

See also Ben-Hur, The Fall of the Roman Empire, The Night Heaven Fell, The Oscar, and Marta .

Abandon Ship, 1957

An Alligator Named Daisy, 1957


Assignment K, 1967


The Beast of Marseilles, 1957



The Best of Everything, 1959


The Bible, 1965


The Big Gamble, 1962



The Bravados, 1958



The Caper of the Golden Bulls, 1967





Carter’s Army (Black Brigade), 1970 (TV)


Evil in the Deep, 1976


Fantastic Voyage, 1966



Genghis Khan, 1966


The Great Swindle (Historia Una a Traicion), 1971

The Hands of Cormac Joyce, 1972   **If anyone has a copy of this movie- please contact me!!**


Hannie Caulder,  1971


Hawaii Five-O, 1977 (TV)


Imperial Venus, 1962


Island in the Sun, 1957


(Billy Rose’s) Jumbo, 1962


Key West, 1973


Kill! , 1973


Lady Dracula, 1977



Lisa (The Inspector), 1962


The Man Called Noon, 1974


 The Man Who Never Was, 1956


Shalako, 1968


Slaves, 1969


The Squeeze, 1977


The Third Secret, 1963


To The Sound of Trumpets by Playhouse 90, 1960 (TV)

The Treasure of Jamaica Reef, 1976


Woman Obsessed, 1959


Cleopatra (1961) and The Story of Ruth (1959) – Stephen was cast in both films, but ended up dropping out of both of these projects.