At Home and Hobbies

Stephen lived a very quiet, private life when at home. A good deal of his life was spent abroad in Europe making movies for Hollywood and European producers. But when he had time to relax, Stephen enjoyed a wide ranges of hobbies including golf, tennis, Judo, Karate, rowing, boxing, playing guitar, writing music, reading books, driving and tinkering with cars and dabbling in art & photography.

“I like to shoot home movies,” he said. “It’s fun. But my weakness is automobiles, especially sports cars. I’d buy a new one every six months if my business manager would let me. Do you know what I want more than anything ? A cabin cruiser, so I can sail on the coastlines over the world. But that takes real money to maintain one of them.”

Stephen had no ambition to be a pilot, even though he was an amateur one as well. “I get bored when I’m up in the air too long. Besides, I don’t have to go flying to have my head in the clouds. It’s there most of the time these days.”  (Ogden Standard Examiner, September 16, 1962)

Sounds like a day-dreamer to me!

Stephen also liked to follow his favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers.


“Stephen loves paintings and has a few in his two-bedroom upstairs apartment in Los Angeles. He likes his stereo equipment, records, books and cameras too.” (Ogden Standard Examiner, Sep 16, 1962)
Movie Life Yearbook 1960 (5) - Copy
Movie Life Yearbook 1960 (4) - Copy
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On Stephen’s wall are autographed pictures of Elana Eden, Joan Collins, Hope Lange, Elizabeth Taylor and Diane Baker


Stephen behind the steering wheel with some of his favorite motor cars. Fixing cars and collecting cars was one of his favorite hobbies.

Stephen’s favorite pastime- golf!