“Will Success Spoil Stephen Boyd?”- Interview with Stephen Boyd by Joe Hyams, 1962

This is the second interview by Joe Hyams of Stephen Boyd. Apparently Joe Hyams found Stephen to be “a bore” in this interview,  which only happened two years after the first one (see https://stephenboydblog.wordpress.com/2017/01/08/good-at-research-stephen-boyd-serious-in-romantic-ventures-by-joe-hyams-interview-from-1960/). In my opinion,  however, Boyd hasn’t changed, as Joe Hyams seems to think. By this point in his career, Stephen has more to lose, and so obviously he’s taking things very seriously. Or maybe Stephen didn’t feel like turning up the Irish charm for this conversation or giving any tabloid fodder to Hyams! Anyway, in this interview Stephen talks about his financial security, and praises the acting ability (and figure) of his most recent co-star Doris Day. Stephen had also just completed filming “Imperial Venus” in Italy with Gina Lollobrigida and was just about to start the filming of “The Fall of the Roman Empire” in Spain.

Star Tribune, October 30, 1962

“Good at Research- Stephen Boyd Serious in Romantic Ventures” by Joe Hyams, Interview from 1960

Joe Hyams, a Hollywood journalist and also the future husband of actress Elke Sommer, wrote some interesting articles about Stephen Boyd – one in 1960 and another in 1962. The below article is from the Toledo Blade in April 28, 1960. In it, Stephen teases about a romantic interest in Brigitte Bardot –‘Let’s hope where there’s smoke, there’s Brigitte’.  He discusses the challenges of being single in Hollywood – ‘Hollywood women outnumber men by at least four to one which means an eligible bachelor is in demand. It’s not only incredible, it’s marvelous.’   He also confesses to being more of a character actor than a leading man – ‘But the fact is I don’t particularly like being a leading man. Those are usually the milk and water parts. they are cliches. the leading man role is created for you whereas the character role is one you create yourself.’  Stephen also anticipates returning to Belfast after being away two years – ‘I know someone’s going to ask me what I’ve been doing since the last time they saw me. I’ll say I’m an actor and then they’ll say, ‘Yes, but what else do you do?’ What will I say then?’